Peer Review Process

Peer Review Process

 Submission and publication process in Physical Activity in Children

1- Firstly, after being submitted to the journal’s website, manuscripts are checked against the aims and the scope of the journal by the editorial board; the format of the manuscript is also checked. At this stage, the manuscripts could be submitted in English and Persian. (Average First Action 2 days).

2- If the manuscripts are considered as suitable, it will be sent to four reviewers. The anonymize articles are sent for double blind reviews. (Average First Reviewer Assignment 5 days)

With two completed reviews, the decision can be made. The manuscript is rejected or accepted with minor or major revision. After being revised, the manuscript goes through publication process (15-35 days)

3- The Persian accepted articles are sent to translation process (at most 10 days).

4- The layout of all the articles are formatted; the manuscript is language edited and proofread. Then the accepted manuscript is sent to the corresponding author to make necessary changes to it. After the corresponding author’s confirmation, the manuscript will be published. (Average Time to Publish After Acceptance 90 days)


No publication fees are received. However, for the translation of Persian articles the authors are charged.

*Note: all the correspondence is carried out through the corresponding author; however, other co-authors are informed of the status of the article. The follow-up of all the matters regarding reviewing, editing, accepting and publishing is done only by the corresponding author.